Leg 1

Thursday morning at 5:30am the race began.

Tom (the boat’s owner and our incredibly generous sponsor) drove us across the start. You can see us zipping around on these two videos. We we’re about 45 seconds late to the mark… but it’s a 750 mile race. It’ll be ok.

We had a phenomenal first 3 hours. We were able to keep up with just about all the fleet. However, we mis trimmed our giant jib and unfortunately didn’t check it out until we were quite a chunk below the fleet.

Quickly went from 2nd to 12th getting back up to the fleet. Lesson learned.

Once we entered Victoria harbor, we had a mile and a half peddle to get us to the finish line. We managed to catch a boat and walked away from the rest : )

Also, Nico went a bit too much beast mode on the paddles… Huge thanks to T&G for helping us land a replacement!


Colin Angus snapped a few photos of us as we pulled in to the finish.

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