peddle drive

Work in progress. But here’s what we’re thinking.

The platform. (Thanks T&G!)



Next we’ll add a composite platform on top of the aluminum frame and build the spinnaker pole cradles, mounting point for peddle drive, peddle unit, and seat.


The drive unit (in progress)


We’re extending the drive shaft and adding the gear to drive shaft system.

The prop via

We’ll be updating this post with the progress on the system. Let us know if you have any thoughts.


mast rotation system

Current mast rotation system is set-up for cruising and doesn’t allow for fine tuning. We’ll be replacing  the static bar system with a more fluid system more like a beach cat.

Rudder Overhaul

The rudders are actually in pretty good shape. However we’ll be fairing them, possibly building longer blades, and lengthening the tiller handles to bring the tiller bar inboard of the main traveller.

To look like this.