Day 4: Johnstone Straight

Day 4. Brutal. We only made it ~10 miles in 24 hours.

After spending the night in Rock Bay we set sail early in the morning, and tried working our way back up the straight. We ran into 30+ knts as soon as we rounded the corner and headed west. Ducked out of the wind in a nice little cove on the south side of West Thurlow Island.

An absolutely beautiful spot, but we hated being stationary. As peaceful as this video looks, it was absolutely ripping just around the corner.

We stayed in the cove for most of the day, had a small fire that evening. Drank some coffee and left around 8pm hoping the wind had quieted some. It had, but by 1am it was piping again. The gusts were unpredictable and well over 30Knts. We found some shelter behind Helmcken Island, and slept the night through there.

One interesting discovery while we were at anchor was the fact that one of the bolts that held the forward most beam to the deck had sheared, and the nut was floating around the starboard bunk. We replaced it with a spare, and went about our day… We would come back to that multiple times over the next 4 days…

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Nico Colomb

Born and raised in Northern California, living in Oakland, working at Berkeley Marine Center. Has worked in sailing as an instructor, charter captain, delivery captain, and boat builder. Most recent big race was the 2014 Pac Cup.

Last week he murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick. He's so mean, he makes medicine sick.

Matt Sornson

Born in Michigan, living in Oakland, working in tech, sailing in San Francisco Bay. 1st in class 2013 Everglades Challenge on a Hobie 16.

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Josh Lehman

Hailing from Oakland, Josh championed the UC Santa Cruz open water rowing team, where he took 1st place in the 5th National Open Water
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