Kohara sails again

New lines on, tramps tightened, and we’re sailing again.


Went out today for our first shakedown in 8 weeks! Still rocking the old sails, but all the new lines and systems.



15-20 kts of breeze and we hit 18 on the gusts. Damn this boat is fun.


Ahh! We’ve been dreaming about this for over a month now, and it’s finally a reality. Thanks again Cree and Berkeley Marine Center for helping us with composites.

……….Begin photo montage.

Laying up the cuffs and straps. Carbon and Glass.


Close up of the main load bearing strap. Few air bubbles in the last layer of glass, but the carbon laid up beautifully. Frankenpole! Pad eye is for the platform stays.


Getting the pole sliding like butta.


It works. In theory. To the boat!


Fitting went well with just a few glitches to work out.


In all her glory.


We still need to add the spectra stays, setup the screecher and spin attachments, and get a sail up to make sure our load testing works in the real world.

Much thrust… great success

peddle drive

Work in progress. But here’s what we’re thinking.

The platform. (Thanks T&G!)



Next we’ll add a composite platform on top of the aluminum frame and build the spinnaker pole cradles, mounting point for peddle drive, peddle unit, and seat.


The drive unit (in progress)


We’re extending the drive shaft and adding the gear to drive shaft system.

The prop via sea-cycle.com

We’ll be updating this post with the progress on the system. Let us know if you have any thoughts.



She’s been in the water for the last 30 years without a full haul!




Power wash



First sand



Fair and sand



Small glass repairs



Sand again!






Sand and prep for bottom paint



Spray bottoms



Spray tops

IMG_20150329_105925131_HDR IMG_20150329_105851085


Final coat



Stay tuned for the next set of projects!

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